Formation English as a Second Language (ESL) – Advanced

Programme formation English As a Second Language (ESL) - Advanced Sister Concept Formation - Organisme de Formation Lozère

Educational Goals

Master the English tense system and avoid common present tense mistakes.
Understand and apply narrative tenses for effective storytelling.
Learn about diverse phrase types and their roles in sentences.
Proficiently use various future forms to express future events.
Gain expertise in English grammar, covering sentence structures.

Necessary Material :

Computer or tab with an Internet connection
Web connexion

Level Beginner : All
No requirement
Audio description and subtitles unavailable

Acquired assessment methods :

Self-assessment in the form of questionnaires
Exercises in the form of practical workshops
Positioning questionnaire
Hot evaluation

Educational and technical means :

Online access to the course
Theoretical courses in video format
Training accessible via a computer or tablet