Formation English as a Second Language (ESL) – Intermediate

Programme formation English As a Second Language (ESL) - Intermediate Sister Concept Formation - Organisme de Formation Lozère

Educational Goals

Develop conversational and communication skills in English
Explore current events and engage in discussions
Expand your vocabulary related to food, beverages, and leisure activities.
Gain a better understanding of grammar and tenses in English
Learn to express plans, arrange meetings, and discuss job-related topics
in English.

Necessary Material :

Computer or tab with an Internet connection
Web connexion

Level Beginner : All
No requirement
Audio description and subtitles unavailable

Acquired assessment methods :

Self-assessment in the form of questionnaires
Exercises in the form of practical workshops
Positioning questionnaire
Hot evaluation

Educational and technical means :

Online access to the course
Theoretical courses in video format
Training accessible via a computer or tablet